In our offer we have slitter rewinders and core cutters.  

Core cutters – we supply machines in whole range; from simply, economic, manual device, thru semi automatic, up to full automatic core cutters with core loader – where operator work is only to put cores to feeder and choose cutting program. Machines loads cores from stock, number and length of cuts can be define by operator or can be loaded from list provided from planning department. 

Slitter rewinders – machines used to cut mother roll on several slits during rewind. Machine which we offer are customs designed according to customers needs. It can be simple, economic machine, up to fully automatic machines which provide product which achieve all high standards. 

We can equip our machines i.e. on: 
- web guide 
- pneumatic knife holders (shear cut, crush cut, razor cut) 
- tension control (ultrasonic, load cells, dancing roller) 
- trim suction unit 
- friction shafts on rewind 
- iosing bars 
- automatic knife positioning system 
- pressure rolls/ NIP rolls 
- roll pusher and unloading arms 
- roll lifting from „0” level 
- receipt   

All demand are discussed with customer to be sure that machine which he get will satisfy all his needs. 

In our machines we use components of well known European producers – specialized in they own field. Due of this, we are sure that our machines will be reliable, foolproof and will cover all high standards and requirements.  

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