Anilox laser cleaning  

Wolfratech offer laser cleaning of chrome and ceramic rollers (Anilox) by visiting your company with a specialized service truck. Cleaning can be done off-line and in-line.

The cleaning process is as follows: the roller is being driven and turns, while the laser gun is being moved from left to right on a traverse, parallel to the roller. The laser beam is pointed at the dirty roller, and its energy is absorbed by the pollution, which consists of pigments and polymers, and then vaporizes.

The laser beam is enough powerful to vaporize pollution but doesn’t possess the power to damage the ceramic surface of the roller. This method is based on indirect contact; the roller isn’t touched other than by laser beam. No granulates, chemicals or water are needed.

Laser is light and light consists of photons. These smallest particles are able to reach the deepest cells of the ceramic roller’s surface. After laser cleaning cell volume is fully restored and the roller can be deployed right away.

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